Apne Haath Uthao


Begumpur Balwadi, Begumpur, Delhi


Richa Pant
Tanuprakash Khandual
Kanishka Prasad
Vertika Chaturvedii


06-09 June 2016


Servants of the People Society

The Begumpur Experience

In the hustle bustle of living our lives, we stop noticing the everyday things that make it simple and comfortable! This workshop is that moment in time, when we would like to pause and look around together. All the objects of daily use have a certain purpose to fulfil in the act of living.

The cup that allows us to have our morning tea, the mattress making us comfortable through the night, the shoe that walks with us as we do, the umbrella that protects us from the sun or the rain…the spoon, the knife, the chair, the lamp…

This innovative design workshop was about unravelling the stories of the objects of everyday use. Children, college students and the mentors imagined the process of evolution of these objects, the genesis of the idea to its refinement. Through the reading of the objects themselves, there was an understanding of the form, use, materiality and meaning of the objects in people’s lives. From this, stemmed an awareness of the design thinking that goes into the making of objects.