Aapke Saath – Engaging with communities

Migrants from the rural environs inhabit the unused pockets of space in the city. This project is an interactive workshop, in which students and professionals from design disciplines engage with the community to bring out the narrative of their life in the city, in relation to their life in their hometown. The first part of the workshop is to collect the stories of their ‘home’ from their homeland, of their migration, their sense of belonging to the city, which has become their second ‘home’, the vision of their future in the city. The participating group will illustrate this narrative, in a visible location within the settlement.

The second part of the workshop focuses on the public spaces in such settlements. These spaces will be documented, analyzed and redesigned to enhance the quality of life of the community in their new home. A model intervention as a prototype will be designed, which may serve as a catalyst of transformation of the built environment and a way to reclaim the city as their own.