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Anjali Mittal

Anjali Mittal is a researcher, urbanist and academician. She is trained as an architect and as an urban design professional with a masters degree from London School of Economics in City Design and Social Science. She believes that interdisciplinary approach to design is the key to build socially responsive, efficient, sustainable, and humane habitats. As a professional she has been involved in master planning, urban regeneration schemes, urban design frameworks, architectural design, planning and policy research, graphic design and visualizations for a range of projects, both in India and abroad. As a researcher she has led and coordinated field assignments and analytical studies; formulated development briefs and strategic regeneration schemes; designed public interface activities and conducted community-consultation based development schemes for urban and rural based projects. Her range of experiences both in the urban and rural context; public and private sector; familiarity with urban development issues in developed and the developing world; ability to deal with complex issues of negotiating development and community aspiration, urban and rural transformation and rural-urban interface empowers her as a professional as well as an academic. She has also had the opportunity to present her work at various international platforms- conferences, exhibitions and guest lecturer. She works at the Dept. of Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi as an assistant professor. Her research and teaching is in the fields of graphics and communication design, architectural sociology, settlement studies, socio-spatial systems and urban-rural migration.
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