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Chitra Kiri

Chitra Kiri, is an architect and voluntary social worker with an urge to improve the learning systems and environments for underprivileged children. She received her training of architecture from the Department of Architecture, University of Roorkee (currently I.I.T. Roorkee) and was very energetically involved in all cultural activities at the time. Apart from running her architectural practice for the past four decades, she has been constantly creating time to work voluntarily with several social work organizations like the Sisters of the People (wing of Servants of the People Society, Lajpat Bhawan) and the Sri Sri Sewa Mandir (Art of Living). Chitra has been associated with these in various capacities, as a Trustee supporting in managing day-to-day affairs of balwadis and as part of the organizing teams for various events. She has a green thumb and is also deeply concerned about the natural environment. She believes that there is a constant flow of life forces between all living beings and hence, the connect with nature is absolutely essential for a peaceful and harmonious existence. Chitra is an active member and also the Treasurer of the All India Kitchen Garden Association since more than a decade. She is also greatly interested in traditional arts and crafts of India with a special liking for classical dance and music.
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