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Dhananjay Paranjape

Dhananjay Paranjape is a chartered accountant having a keen interest in design related disciplines and their impact on the economy of the country and the globe. He believes that design thinking can unlock the creative potential in domains other than design. Especially in the imagination, effective utilization and management of goods and governance which are based on a deep understanding of our socio-cultural system and indigenous knowledge base. This in his belief will result in an environment that furthers the cause of equity and justice, creates bodies that are dynamic and participatory and eventually a sustainable society.  He brings forth an objective point of view to the matter at hand. He provides insights from other domains and perspectives from other communities. He wants to delve onto the idea- what roles can design play within society? He believes that creative processes and design thinking can enable individuals to innovate from the otherwise banal and ordinary everyday existence, within their personal and professional spheres of life. In his own work, his ideology is based on contextualizing systems and procedures to the businesses he caters to, keeping in mind the integrity and representation of the client in the larger arena. For him, the client is an individual in his own context, and in this he has a humanized approach towards them, customizing accounting systems to individual need. Currently, he runs an accounting firm in New Delhi.
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