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What is Good Design? with CoA-NIASA


Architect and the Built Environment


Ar. Madhav Raman (ANAGRAM)


Ar. Riyaz Tayyabji (ANTHILL)
Ar. Sanjib Chatterji (KAARU)


7 April 2015



This session evolved out of a discussion on how does one read buildings? Here, one is looking for a simple basis or an understandable standard that would separate good design from being a merely acceptable one. There are several levels of acceptability which one could cover. Also looking for methods to empower students to understand a building, architecture & the built environment with a more holistic approach as opposed to the linear methods.

The Webinar Panel

There are 2 panelists, and a session chair conducting one session, based on a theme which is moderated by the chair of the session. The panelists would have prior knowledge of the theme – issues of discussion, name of co-panelists, and approximate length of discussion allowed on each question etc. The panelists bring forth certain ideas and issues related to the theme from within their discipline, profession and experience.

Program Timeline

  • Each panelist will present a 10 min. presentation (slide show) on their works, other national or international works exploring the subject of “good design”. Total – 30-45 min.
  • The panelists will then discuss among themselves the diversity of their viewpoints for a period of 15 to 20 mins. – Total 20 min.
  • The discussion will then be thrown open to the colleges for questions which will be answered by the panelists, moderated by the chair of the session. – Total 45 mins.